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2011-02-02  - What proof must the partner from outside of the Programme eligible area present regarding the operation of its branch office inside the eligible territory of the Programme?
2011-01-12  - Can two organisations, belonging to the same international network or association but registered as separate legal entities in different countries (Latvia, Lithuania or Belarus) act as each other’s partners in the action (1 being the applicant and the other - partner)?
2011-01-10  - Is a beneficiary or partner eligible if it has had legally suspended its activities before the submission of the action proposal?
2011-01-05  - It is stated in the Guidelines for Grant Applicants that "The registered operating office should be established in the Programme area one year or longer before the launch of this Call for Proposals". Which is the latest date the operating office must be established? Does this "1 year rule" also apply to the central organisations (having their own legal identity)?
2011-01-05  - An institution possessing registered operating offices in the eligible territory will undergo a reorganisation by which the number and names of the registered operating offices will be changed, however, the location of the offices will remain the same.
As a result of the reorganisation will the institution become non-eligible to participate in a capacity of a partner or of an applicant, taking into account there still will be a registered operating office in the eligible territory with the same functions, yet with a different name. Will the registered operating office after the change of its name be considered as a newly established office and, thus, will not comply with the requirement of the Programme to be established at least 1 year before the launch of the 2nd Call for Proposals?
2010-03-19  - Belarusian local authorities (in particular region executive committees) do not have any Statutes or establishing documents; their operation is governed by the Law on Local Government and Self-Government (attached). Besides, the archives do not provide any legal acts which govern establishing of any executive authorities in the regions of West Belarus (we have answers from all archives, including the State Archive of the Republic of Belarus). In one archive we have found the Edict of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic of 15 January 1940 on foundation of the Vileyskaya oblast, which incorporated certain regions. Could you please explain what is needed as attachments No6 and No7 to the Application Form.
2010-03-19  - Organ of local authorities received the status of legal person on the basis of the Laws of the Republic of Belarus (previously – the law “Regarding executive committee of the City(Region) Council of People’s Deputies”, currently – the Law “On Local Government and Self-Government in the Republic of Belarus”). Correspondingly, there is no information related to registration of the executive committee (registration number; date, place, country of registration, official address of registration), also there is no Statute.
Which information has to be included to the fields about a partner (section 8.2) of the Application Form regarding issues of registration?
In our case, which document has to be attached in compliance with the section 2.2.2 of the Guidelines for Grant Applicants? Who is authorised to certify the attached Law of the Republic of Belarus?
2010-03-16  - The main office of the organisation is located outside the Programme area, whereas the operating office (department) is located in the Programme area. The department will be the applicant. Is it necessary to submit the latest accounts and to provide a description of experience in project management of the whole organisation or only of the department? In addition it is worth mentioning that the co-financing will be ensured by the whole organisation. In such case, who has to sign the Application – the head of the organisation or the head of the department?
2010-02-22  - Can Lithuanian organisations having status of “viešoji įstaiga” act as applicants or partners?
2010-02-19  - Shall we ba able to act as applicant, if we are the education institution, registered as organisation of limited accountability?
2009-12-24  - Can the Partnership Agreement (PA) be signed before approval of the action? May the applicant and partners introduce/delete certain provisions? If so, should it be sent to the Joint Managing Authority for verification/approval?
2009-12-24  - Is there any limitation for the applicants or partners coming from the adjacent areas e.g. Kaunas and Panevėžys counties and Mogilev and Minsk oblasts?
2009-12-24  - Can an unregistered organisation act as a partner or an associate?
2009-12-24  - What is the difference between a partner and an associate?
2009-12-24  - Who can be an applicant or partner in case if the organisation is registered outside the eligible area of the Programme, but it has a unit operating in the eligible territory of the Programme, which is not registered?
2009-12-24  - Who can be an action partner?
2009-11-13  - Can one partner be from the Programme area and another partner from the adjacent area?
2009-11-13  - Is it possible to involve partners from outside the Programme eligible area?
2009-11-13  - Can there be an action without a partner from Belarus?
2009-11-13  - How many partners should be involved in an action?
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