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Management, public procurement
2013-03-01  - Should all the Beneficiaries and partners apply the rules of nationality and origin?
2012-05-10  - How to purchase computer software and video/audio equipment considering the requirements for Rule of Origin?
2012-05-10  - How to fill in the timesheets of people, working for the project? In which language they have to be filled in?
2011-12-27  - Is it possible to subcontract a Temporary Scientific Team, TST (Временный научный коллектив, ВНК) to provide a service in Belarus?
2011-12-27  - What are the criteria for award of contracts for supplies, works and services in grants, in case the procurement is implemented by a Belarusian partner?
2011-05-18  - Exemption from VAT in Belarus. Should this provision be included in Terms of Reference?
2011-05-18  - Can an Independent contractor agreement be treated as a Labor contract within the Programme?
2011-05-18  - What should be presented in BY bank as justification by BY partner to receive money from LT or LV partner?
2011-05-18  - Should the auditors be selected for Beneficiary or all Partners in order to sign the Grant Contract or receive the advance payment?
2011-05-18  - Can budget changes be introduced during action implementation?
2011-05-18  - Is it possible to procure one auditor for the whole action (or one per country) if audit costs are planned in budget by every partner of the action?
2011-05-18  - What is the procedure of exemption from taxes in Belarus? How to prepare the list (what to take into account)?
2011-05-18  - How to carry public procurement if part of costs are covered from state or municipal budget and part from the grant in case of Belarusian Beneficiaries and Partners?
2011-05-18  - In accordance with the Law on the Civil Service of Lithuania, public officials can receive additional bonuses (not premiums) to the official salary. Can these additional payments be treated as eligible costs?
2011-02-03  - How should the partners in EU and Belarus divide the tasks regarding public procurement?
2011-02-02  - Can a beneficiary or partner pass the equipment purchased as a result of the project to an organisation under its control under the right of use or hosting after the end of the project? If this is possible does it have to be indicated in the Application Form?
2011-02-02  - Can a product created as a result of the project be used for commercial purposes after the end of the action?
2011-02-02  - Does the share in property rights to the property gained during the project depend on the share in the 10% co-financing by the partners? E.g., if a partner has contributed 8% of the project budget, can it claim property rights of an object in territory of the partner?
2011-02-02  - Are the project goods transported to the Republic of Belarus exempted from import taxes?
2010-03-08  - Should rules of origin and nationality apply in case of rental of goods or equipment/vehicles?
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