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The XIXth century Bistrampolis manor in Panevezys district, Lithuania hosted over 300 people from Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus on the 8th of October, 2009. Among them were mayors, diplomats, other high rank officials, professors and representatives of many governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Presentations of the conference:
Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus ENPI CBC Programme
How to biuld your partnership
Rules of actions. Implmentation

This was how the Cross Border Cooperation Programme Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus within the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (further - Programme) was opened. The Programme is funded by the European Union and aims at cooperation of the border regions of Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. More than 37 million euro are allocated for joint projects of legal non-profit entities from Latgale region, Utena, Vilnius, Alytus, Panevezys and Kaunas counties, as well as Vitebsk, Grodno, Minsk and Mogilev oblasts. The partners from three countries are invited to implement projects in the fields of socio-economic development and encouragement of business, local and regional strategic development, development of transport and communication networks, cultural and historical heritage and tourism, socio-cultural communication and community development, ecology, education, health and social sphere development and border security and infrastructure.
Bistrampolis manor was chosen as the venue of the conference to call potential beneficiaries to rest upon successful partnership in the past and to think of the ways to make common future better. As it was said during the conference, heroes can live not only in ancient times, but also nowadays. Participants of the conference were called to become these heroes, with the help of the EU grants.

The minister of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania (acting as the Joint Managing Authority of the Programme) Mr. Raimundas Palaitis, who greeted all potential beneficiaries, said that cross border cooperation not only improves the quality of life in cooperating regions, but also paves the way for good relations among Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus.
The participants of the conference were given the main information regarding the Programme and the experience of the Euroregion “Country of Lakes” in implementing similar projects. Ms. Ilze Stabulniece, head of the Latvian bureau of the Euroregion “Country of Lakes” noted that it is very important to choose a trustworthy partner from across the border, before writing your application.
The trilateral partner search forum was also organised by the Regional Capacity Building Initiative project, financed by the European Commission. Majority of participants of the forum acknowledged they had not expected it was possible to find partners from abroad in two hours. However, they managed to do this and have already started discussing the project ideas.
In order to inspire the creativity of potential beneficiaries, the organisers of the conference, the Joint Technical secretariat of the Programme had prepared several old time surprises for the participants. Several aristocratic dances were performed in the beginning of the conference and later everyone had a chance of an old time photo in the manor, dressed like counts and countesses.
The 1st call for proposals should be launched soon. All the information is available on the official web site of the Programme The presentations from the conference and the partnership proposals from three countries will also be placed there.

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