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Finance, eligibility of costs
2012-05-10  - How to calculate the rates for staff costs if a person is employed in project on part-time basis?
2011-12-27  - What can be included into per diems? Can we e.g. include the costs of two daily allowances (according to the national rates) and accommodation for one night?
2011-12-27  - Can the Belarusian partner arrange work of its project staff through Temporary Scientific Team, TST (Временный научный коллектив, ВНК)? Can such arrangement be considered as work contract?
2011-12-27  - What would be the most appropriate way for presentation of the salaries of project staff, who as well are employees of the partner?
2011-12-27  - Is it allowed to increase staff salaries by an amount which is proposed in the draft budget of the particular specialist? E.g., an employee of the partner is involved in the basic activities (load of 8 hours per day), and works extra time for the project.
2011-12-27  - How existing employees of the Partner should be employed within the project?
2011-12-27  - Is it allowed to pay to officials (employees) of institutions of local government authorities for working in project additionally?
2011-05-18  - Which EUR rates must be used for conversion of euro to national currencies? In Latvia fixed rate of the State Bank of Latvia is used by all Latvian organisations.
2011-02-03  - What taxes are the Belarusian partners exempted from in Belarus in case the project is approved for funding?
2011-02-02  - Is the 10% co-financing counted only from the general budget of the project or from each “Euro spent”?
2010-03-16  - Do equipment costs cover the total costs of the equipment purchased or depreciation costs only?
2010-03-16  - According to the payment option 2 described in the in the Guidelines for Grant Applicants it is indicated that first pre-financing will be not more than 80 % of the 1st year budget, but not more than 40 % of the total amount of the Grant. Is the amount of pre-financing counted from total costs of the action (including indirect administrative costs)? For us it seems that it is better to plan more activities for the 1st year.
Can the depreciation costs of premises (the adequate part of costs calculated according to the number of participants in the action) be considered as eligible indirect costs?
2010-03-16  - In the Guidelines for Grant Applicants it is said that if the applicant/partner receives an operating grant financed from the Community budget no indirect costs may be claimed within the proposed budget for the action. What does it mean? What kind of expenses can be budgeted under indirect costs?
2010-03-01  - Shall the Beneficiary transfer the grant amounts to each partner according to the implemented activities and the partners shall pay the invoices themselves, or is it possible that the Beneficiary shall pay the eligible expenditure according to the invoices submitted by partners?
2010-02-24  - Can the co-financing of 10% be collected from the action participants (e.g. participation fee in trainings)?
2010-02-22  - What are the possibilities for public administration employee – a civil servant – to receive payment from the project, if he/she works after working time in order to carry out tasks related to the project implementation? Is it possible to conclude autor’s agreement or service agreement?
2010-02-05  - Should the financing of the Programme be allocated according to particular percentage to the parties (e.g. applicant and two partners) involved or according to their needs?
2010-02-04  - Are the costs incurred after the project implementation period eligible?
2010-02-04  - Are preparation costs of the application eligible?
2010-02-04  - Within 3 months after action’s (project’s) approval the technical documents for (re)construction works in the project must be submitted. The project must still be approved by the Belarusian Government within six months. Will the costs for the technical documents be reimbursed if the project is not approved by the Belarusian Government?
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