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Application Form - preparation and submission
2011-02-09  - When filling some fields in the Grant Application form the error message appears, that the field cannot be filled. How to avoid such errors and to complete the Application?
2011-02-07  - What organisations fall under the definition of the "public body", which is exempted from certain requirements of the Programme (e.g. to submit Annex No 9 to the Application Form)?
2011-02-02  - Is it necessary to fill in all the parts of the Application Form? E.g., if the project aims at increasing the quality of social services, what should we indicate regarding “Environmental sustainability”?
2011-02-02  - How to select between measures 1.5 and 2.2?
2011-02-02  - The 1st Group of Activities in the Application Form includes information and publicity activities by default. Should we prescribe all the communication measures, specified in the section 3.1 to the Group of Activities №1 or we can also include some of them into other Groups of Activities?
2011-02-02  - Can we number each page of the application by hand?
2011-02-02  - Budget Table 2 "Expected distribution per group of activity, Partners and cost categories" - I cannot fill in the Partners names.
2011-02-02  - Can I add lines in the budget tables inside the Application Form?
2011-01-07  - Budget Table 4 "Estimated Costs in Adjacent Area and Outside Programme Area" in the Application Form asks to specify the costs to be incurred by the action in the Adjacent Areas and outside the eligible territory of the Programme.
The Guidelines for Grant Applicants (section state that "In case a registered operating office which is located in the Programme eligible area is not a legal person, its headquarters located outside of the Programme eligible area in Lithuania, Latvia or Belarus shall be indicated as an applicant or as a partner."
Shall the prescription of the costs to the Budget Table 4 "Estimated Costs in Adjacent Area" depend on the location of the headquarter ("central" organisation) or the registered operating office?
2010-03-16  - Must the copy of the original application and the copies of the relevant supporting documents be certified in English, or it can be done in Latvian, Lithuanian or Russian?
2010-03-16  - Do the Endorsement letters by the Associates need to be submitted together with the application?
2010-03-16  - According to the Guidelines for Grant Applicants, for the project which grant exceeds 500 000 EUR the external audit report produced by an approved auditor, certifying the applicant’s accounts for last financial year (if available), is necessary. The Applicant is public establishment “Tourism information centre”, established by the District Municipality. Could the audit be done by the auditor assigned by the District Municipality? Will such supporting document be eligible document to the application or we should hire another external auditor (independent)?
2010-03-10  - If the Applicant is Belarusian organisation, will there be difficulties in submission of the application (sending it via the EU external border)?
2010-03-08  - Which financial data should be filled in the Grant Application Form (section 7.5, 7.6.) and submitted together with the application if in the result of the administrative territorial reform in Latvia the District Council has been transformed into an Amalgamated Municipality which is a successor of rights and obligations of the District Council?
2010-03-01  - What kind of financial data should be submitted if in the result of the administrative territorial reform the district council is transformed into an amalgamated municipality which is a successor of rights and obligations of the district council?
2010-03-01  - How to fill in the section “9. Declaration by the Applicant” in the Grant Application Form correctly? Shall there be indicated 1) the total budget of the action and the total co-financing OR 2) only the Applicant’s planned budget and the amount of the Applicant’s co-financing (if foreseen)?
2010-02-22  - Shall an applicant submit the documents indicating where will the co-financing by the applicant and partners come from?
2010-02-19  - Regarding annex 9 to the Application form – profit/loss statement and balance sheet – in which form has the financial statement to be approved? Is it sufficient that reports/statements are approved by head of organisation and accountant, or should it have the stamp of State Tax Inspection?
2010-02-18  - If the project includes (re)construction works, should the technical project be submitted together with application?
2009-12-24  - What is the difference between a feasibility study and pre-feasibility study?
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